Dachshund pumpkin Trick or treat dog name shirt

Dachshund pumpkin Trick or treat dog name shirt

This can all actually affect the play of the Dachshund pumpkin Trick or treat dog name shirt as well. If your goalie is playing really well, the rest of the team can play more confidently, attack more knowing they have a stellar safety net backing them up. If your goalie is off his/her game then you have to play much more conservatively knowing that any opposing attack could end in a goal. The other thing to consider is how streaky goalies can be. Even the best goalies have off nights and any goalie who’s made it far enough to play in a given league can have a night where they play above their abilities. I’m a flyers fan and I always think back to their 2010 playoff run. They rode career minor leaguer Michael Leighton all the way to the finals. He was honestly stellar until the final. Then he turned back into a pumpkin and the flyers lost to the Blackhawks in 6.

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Dachshund pumpkin Trick or treat dog name shirt

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If you look at the NHL, it’s kind of crazy how good the Dachshund pumpkin Trick or treat dog name shirt goalies are. I think on average the best goalies save MAYBE 1 more shot a game than the worst. What separates the best from the rest is consistency. No goalie is going to stop every shot over any reasonable sample size, but the best are consistent to the point where well below average performances are close to non-existent. Given how streaky goalies are, teams can’t just say “well in 5% of the game Michael Leighton has played he was amazing, so let’s roll the dice and see if we can get the 5% out of him”. They have to look for the goalie with the best chance to not lose them a game. It’s icing on the cake when a normally consistent goalie can play well above average. If that happens in the playoffs, then  ou’ve got a good shot at a championship.

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